How to get into Berghain? Heute leider nicht

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How to get into Berghain?

A harness won't fix all of your problems, but probably your 'heute leider nicht.'


The weekend is ahead of you and you just got berghain on your mind. Maybe you're only here for a couple of days, or you literally just moved and you want to dive into the Berlin nightlife for some mind changing experience.

There are endless theories, apps and memes die um dieses Thema zirkulieren – we will offer you some very practical advice for outfit decisions, added with some daily wisdom.


  1. In the end its just a club, you're not entering the gates of heaven. (Well we can discuss about it, but your legs shaking is not a helpful faktor.)

  2. Be you

  3. Be stubborn enough to try again

  4. Wear one of our harnesses combined with some black clothes your feeling comfortable in

  5. You're about to enter a place of sexual liberation, make sure you're attitude is 100% tolerant towards things you probably wont understand

  6. If you're just coming to gawk, be aware the bouncer will read it like a gigantic big fat mark on your forehead.


Choose an outfit that liberates you, to open yourself up for new experiences. If you're insecure, go for something black, combined with a harness like …. , a skintight leather leggins or a long black skirt, depending on what suits you best.

Don't stand entirely wasted in the queue.

No matter to what club you're heading, its always helpful to know the DJ playing.


So, brothers and sisters, we'd be happy to help you with an outfit deliberation, so don't be shy, come by, get yourself an empowering harness to awake the leather queen/ king slumbering in you.


The best advice that we can give to you, is to be yourself.

Because when there's a gigantic invisible sign on your forehead that suggests you're just here for some gawky googling, be sure the bouncer will see it and no leather stripes in the world will hide it.


You're entering a place where you can let go of boundaries. Use it to experience yourself differently, or just enjoy the fresh breeze of the current.


Come by for an individual guidance. No matter what you're picking, make sure, you feel comfortable in it and keep in mind that you're about to dance in it for long time.

Choose your shoes wisely. We prefer some Doc's,, New Rocks or Creepers which are super super comfortable to move in.


Your comfort zone will kill you. Become a leather queen.

Maybe you're just here to fullfill your berlin dreams for a night. There's some magic about clothing, in the end its always a self porträt. There are different you's inside of you.

Nightcrawlers yawning for the thrill of intensity of life, choose something wild. Express yourself in leather stripes.

You want it, we have it. Support your local leather dealer.

A harness can't fix everything, but it probably can fix your „heute leider nicht.“


Outfit suggestions:


Depending on your personal comfort zone & price range we have different suggestions for you


  • Latex Clothing combined with harnesses

  • Calzedonia leather leggings with doc martens/ creepers/ .. a transparent top, leg garter and harness

  • tights, body from h&m, harness, and creepers/ docs/..


Shoes: you're about to dance for quite some time, so choose a pair of shoes you can move with, ones who wont make you wanna chop off your feet


Even though its all about wearing something you feel totally comfortable in, we highly recommend you to try something you've never worn before while planning your outfit, because if you never tried pasta once, you could never know if you find it tasty, so try something maybe a bit more sassy than your casual sassiness score and see if it suits you or not.


There are a lot of people who kind of experience a personality change in the wardrobes of berghain. So leave whoever you think you are behind a for night and experience yourself differently.

Clothing is always a self portrait, so go ahead, leave some inspiring expressions.


With love,


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