Technoscene Leather Harness - Amoreze
Technoscene Leather Harness - Amoreze

Technoscene Leather Harness

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Fashion comes from dancing.Inspired by Berlin techno scene, this body cage harness was born as a tribute to technoculture.In the early 90s, Berlin was dancing in clothing that looked like it was on a trip -- probably because it was made it the middle of one.

Materials used:

Harness made of calf soft leather. Width of the strings: 1.5 cm

All the accessories are made of stainless steel.

Created from leather leftovers from the furniture industry.The leftover scraps of material are hand stitched in seemingly random patterns producing a revitalized skin for objects that would otherwise become unused. Each piece is unique and the scraps very in size, color, and texture, ensuring that no two designs are exactly alike.

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