All our lingerie and leather harnesses are created hadmade to order in our atelier in Berlin

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Lingerie that dresses your mind and body

European Tabby Bralette - AmorezeEuropean Tabby Bralette - Amoreze
  • Triggering sensations

    Using eccentric materials we provoke a wide range of sensations from the first touch.All our leather comes from Italy, and has premium finish.

  • Less is more

    Design meets fashion : dual function as lingerie and outwear. Amoreze is a niche brand and like to remain that way. All our items are created AFTER an order is being placed, 0 waste and 0 stock.

  • Nobody puts baby in a box!

    Small breasts or big breasts bralettes= Half cup, Custom-made and Made to order. Custom made refers to to pieces build according to the customer’s specifications. It allows you to decide on the color and design.

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Atelier Amoreze

Amoreze comes from the old latin word Amora, which means love. It is a feminine sign and a word which denotes a sensual body experience, femininity, freedom and adaptability to change. The name Amoreze reflects the personality of the wearer: happy, positive and full of self-love. In a society that promotes false idols, broken beauty ideals, a society that profits from self-doubt, liking and accepting yourself is considered an act of rebellion. This is a challenge that Amoreze is willing to take: to make you love and accept yourself, with all the little imperfections that make you unique and YOU.

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