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Custom-fitted leather lingerie. We know bodies, speak curves, and worship your waist-line.

Designer pick

Designer pick

Bralette-Sets/ Harnesses that embody strength, endurance, fighting spirit, wildness. Something that turns... 



There is nothing more personal as having that perfectly fitting, custom tailored... 

All our lingerie and leather harnesses are created handmade to order in our atelier in Berlin

  • The art of handmade is back

    High quality leather, perfect cut based on measurements and qualitative metal rings, comfortable and safe to wear.

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  • Beautiful Lingerie

    Everything fitted perfectly and was made with love. Thank you so much.

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  • I had a lovely experience buying from…

    All of the items feel really nice to the skin and are very well made.
    The fit is also amazing. I reached out to them because I was between
    sizes and they adjusted the product to my measurements.

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This custom made lingerie, doesn't just dress up your mind. It dresses up your body too.

Strappy Body Harnesses

Strappy Body Harnesses

Discover our new lingerie collection, designed to make you feel beautiful. Our... 

  • Nobody puts baby in a box!

    We create Half cup, Custom-made, Made to order. Custom made refers to to pieces build according to the customer’s specifications. It allows you to decide on the color and design.

  • Triggering sensations

    Using eccentric materials we provoke a wide range of sensations from the first touch.All our leather comes from Italy, and is hand cut.

  • Sustainable fashion

    Design meets fashion : dual function as lingerie and outwear. Amoreze is
    a niche brand and like to remain that way. All our items are created
    AFTER an order is being placed, 0 waste and 0 stock.