About us


Tired of compromising our comfort, after a lifetime of awkward bra gaps, cups that never seem to fill or breasts who are spilling over the edge of our cups, we decided to design a perfect fit bralette.

After tones of opinions, we discover that almost 50% of them don’t fall into a standard cup. So, we created a new size between every standard cup, a half-cup size.

So, let's celebrate the diversity of body types.

Below,  Anca and Irina the two sisters that designs, creates and give life to the Amoreze brand.


"Hello, there all you beautiful ladies, I am Anca and I consider myself a lingerie fanatic. The idea of starting Amoreze resulted from a personal problem I was facing a few years ago. Although I had more than 20 bras in my closet, the sizes were always different (you know the drill: 70A from this store is 75A in that store and 80B in the other) and none of them actually complimented my figure as it should. I was spending a lot of time searching for the perfect fitted bra, trying on different models and sizes hoping that something will fit perfectly.
Unfortunately what I quickly realised was that this was hardly happening and that most of the time my bra shopping would just turn into this frustrated and disappointing activity.
So what I decided next, was a life changer: I measured myself, wrote down the numbers, went shopping for fabrics and by the end of that day I had my first bralette. As I had the liberty of choosing, I decided how to create it, how to cut the patterns, taking into consideration the most problematic fact: the wire. So, the result was a piece of lingerie, created for me, on my size and shape, following closely all my needs: support and comfort, wireless and at the same time keeping that sex-appeal we all crave for.