Core values : comfort, sustainability, individuality, slow fashion

The mission

To provide comfort and women-empowerment through lingerie.

If you’re like us, you’ve been frustrated in the past by the awkward process of getting a bra fitted. We have, too. Not only that, women everywhere are choosing from bras that aren’t designed for the diversity of real women’s bodies. At the end of the day, that means 85% of us have been walking around in a bra that doesn’t fit.

We urge you to forget about the number or the letter on the label of your bra and focus on what makes your breasts look and feel great. Don’t squeeze yourself into something that isn’t right –so, choose wisely what is perfect for you.

Poor-fitting bras cause all sorts of issues. From chaffing to back and neck pains to posture issues, to poking underwires. One of the easiest ways to know if a woman’s bra is the wrong fit is if she complains about it bothering her or if you see her adjusting it often.

Women in proper-fitting bras do NOT complain about their bra hurting them, adjust them frequently etc.

How many women do you know that don’t complain about their bra bothering them?

Basically, there is a huge amount of work to be done to change the way women see their breasts, other people’s breasts and bra-fitting in general, but it’s a challenge that Amoreze is willing to take.

Who made my clothes?



Together with a professional tailor and a lingerie designer we developed the MADE TO MEASURE quiz-designing bras with you — and only you — in mind. Instead of using standard industry measurements, we developed half-cup  sizes and unique bralette patterns based on thousands of real women's measurements. Every aspect of the Amoreze lingerie has been reinvented to maximize fit, comfort and sexiness as we believe the best bra is the one you tell us about.

In Berlin, feminine beauty is based on individuality, a collection of strangeness and crooked teeth and shaven heads and taut bodies and pillow bodies and a constant sense of freedom, of authenticity. And with this ready imperfection, Berlin women claim empowerment.

This full confidence in beauty and power refutes any idea of lingerie discomfort. It negates ideas that breasts are features for men to behold. Each model stands firm, resilient, with very much the following mentality: if you want Plain Janes in push-up bras who don’t do whatever they want, go back home.

"Everything around us promises perfection. So often, we find ourselves pulled like a magnet by these (beauty) ideals that are not ours. Therefore, I have the courage to challenge every woman to discover her own beauty, to embrace her imperfection and to enjoy this native and original beauty - and not the manufactured one.

In a world full of “corsets”, I propose freedom of movement, speech and expression, naturalness of beauty and its original forms."

How did Amoreze come to life?

The idea of starting Amoreze came as a personal problem that I was going through. I consider myself a lingerie consumer, as I have more than 20 bras in my closet. The sizes were always different, sometimes 70 A, in other cases 80 C. The difference in size was so big that, when someone was asking me about my size I would simply try to change the subject, but never finding my true size.

So what I decided next  was, in my case, a life changer: I measured myself, wrote down the numbers, went shopping for fabrics and by the end of that day I had my first bralette. As I had the liberty of choosing, I decided how to create it, how to cut the patterns, taking into consideration the most problematic fact: the wire. So, the result was a piece of lingerie, created for me, on my size and shape, following closely all my needs: support and comfort, wireless and keeping that sex-appeal that  woman craves for.

In July, I  will celebrate a year of empowering women through lingerie by improving their lives with a new piece: the bralette, which feels just like a second skin!

That was 2016. 36 sizes , 2 summers and 30 styles later, we have developed a collection of bralettes that look as good as they feel. Since our bralettes come to you, you can skip the awkward fitting room moments. We`re so passionate about what we are doing that we give you the option to create your product according  to your preferences, by simply telling us about your needs.