The concept

A Bra for Ones One. 

We believe in a world of equality. A tomorrow, where our daughters, sisters, our friends and ourselves, no longer start their days considering themselves in the mirror and oppose what they see.

Through our products, we want to help women understand their individual beauty and make them aware not them, but the clothes have to customize according to their measures.

And not their body, through sweat and blood and tears, shaped into a confection size.

We are aware that change is on us. So we want to help building up a new groundwork for self-love and acceptance, to encourage women to be outstanding, ambitious, bold, weird, loud, …

Because the closest thing to god on this earth is a woman's body (Rupi Kaur). So instead of teaching young girls and women, how to dress, how to speak, how to walk, how to smile, how to shave, how to weight, we should rather teach them love, acceptance and courage.

 We want our products to further self-love. Embrace your imperfections. They make you who you are. This never-ending comparing ourselves with others leaves us with nothing but negative feelings. Discover your very own fineness. You're a piece of art.

 It is on us to re-teach girls and women how to love themselves, after years and years of endless self-criticism and a world that perfected the analyzation of what you're not.

So let's re-awaken the world.


Our gifts for you


  • Custom-made. It's all about you, love. Your measures are the ones, that count for us. Your body shapes our products.
  • Sensuality. With our unique designs, we want to emphasize what is already inside of you. Sometimes it is just slumbering, but it's there, in all of you, believe us.
  • Comfort. Because looking good is not enough. We want you to radiate happiness from every pore of your peerless body. Thats how you glow.
  • Half Cup Size Since every one of two women within the sizes A and C Cups fits in no standard size, we've invented the Half Cup Bralette.So an A Cup is too small for you? But a B Cup is too large? Try our A1/2 Cup.
  • Health - no-wire bralette means healthy breasts, while offering rest for the breasts prevents wrinkles in the cleavage and neckline areas and suitable fabrics are used to protect your skin