A Harness as a big big f*** you against equating clothing style with sexual availability

A Harness as a big big f*** you against equating clothing style with sexual availability


Sometimes I can't believe that our humankind is living now in the 21st century and is still evaluating and judging women based on their appearance and their clothing. As if the world wouldn't have bigger problems.

The generality is still limiting a womans freedom on her skirt length, interpreting a hotpants, as an invitation for sexual harassment. When you're a young girl and you hear people gossiping about a woman being harassed on the streets, one common sentence that is always dropped is „maybe she's worn something salacious.“

So on one point we have advertisement full of half naked women bodies, the world wide web giving girls the impression that they have to look like porn stars on one site and on the other, they should be abstemious and innocent. Until they find the „One“.

One of my favourite sentences in the world is „you know, if a man sees a woman dressing up that way, he can't control his instincts.“ Oh well. But the man's world keeps on insisting on being the rational, reasoning and most mindful creature in the world, above of all animals, less emotional and irrational than women. I feel like they stab themselves in their own flesh by using excuses like that.

Instead of teaching women how to to dress properly to keep men from being driven away by their „instincts“, the whole world should be educated to value every human being equally. Not based on gender, race, appearance and mental health.

Because, we will no longer tolerate a men-adapted mindset that will turn the situation for victims of sexual harassment in a twisted way, so they will get the impression it has been their fault.

If you're a woman and you're posting pictures of you online, sometimes in lingerie, sometimes in a bikini, posing expressively, enjoying your own body and self, which is for many woman kind of a relief since they've most likely have 2 decades of on going self-criticism and social roasting behind them, you'll find yourself getting an endless number of disgusting DM's, men showing their dicks out of the blue, men masturbating on video - and the pictures of you, that used to make you feel good about yourself, will give you mixed feelings.

Pictures that had no sexual touch, are now dipped in with repulsive words, phrases, images and when I was younger I've often started to deleted them, feeling dirty, feeling used, feeling targeted. There are no real walls in the internet. And not everyone wants to use Instagram only for private interest. Its not just about women posting private pictures, its also about models of any kind, who are in the need of an official, non-private account.

So, since sexism still has endless dimensions I will get straight to the point now: At the end of the day, we chose what we want to perceive. So instead of seeing a mini-skirt and think „slutty“ or „cheap“, we should see, if we can't see beauty, or don't want to, we simply see, a f*cking mini-skirt.

And speaking about harnesses, wearing them generally, on top of clothing as a fashion accessory, It's not a goddamn indicator for sexual availability as well. It's not a hint, that this person wants you to start a conversation about sex, or flirt, or anything. At the end of the day, it's nothing but a modern belt.

Not violating other peoples boundaries shows respect. And this is what the world needs big time: respect towards others, respects towards things we do not understand, but are not in the position to judge, because we are all in the same boat. And its our duty as human creatures to at least try, to not cause more harm.  

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