Bespoke lingerie: would you try it?

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Bespoke lingerie: would you try it?

Who wouldn't want to be fitted for a bra in the comfort of her home with a virtual expert and an endless selection of bra options? 

Based on this belief we developed MADE TO MEASURE QUIZ whose main purpose is to save time while providing you with the BEST, perfect fit.

We design our bras to fit perfectly because we believe that when a woman is comfortable and confident, she can go further. Push for more. Achieve greatness.

Amoreze offers a bespoke lingerie service, for clients who are looking for exclusive, one of a kind lingerie that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether for themselves, or as a gift for a lover, our expert team at Amoreze dedicate hours to our private clients. In each step of the process, Amoreze is on hand, from helping select the perfect lace , to measuring and fitting your collection.

In developing items of bespoke underwear, we will create patterns to match your own personal specifications.


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