How to measure your bra size?

How to measure your bra size?

Step one: Determine the size of your torso band

This is the most snug part of the bra, and it should be tight but not too loose or it will ride up in the back .The most accurate method is to measure just below your breasts, around where they meet your rib cage, while wearing an unpadded bra that fits well on its own. You can also measure loosely under your arms at the same level as before without pulling down too tightly (as if measuring for a shirt). Make sure you have enough space between you and the tape measure! When done correctly, it should read something like this: 70-85 cm or 34-36 inches.

It's time to figure out your cup size after you've determined what type of breast shape/sizes you have. As with the band measurement in step one, you should be wearing an unpadded bra that fits well on its own and is not too tight or too loose.

band size

Step two: Measure your cup size

When measured without any padding, your band should measure about midway around your chest at its fullest point - typically under bust or in line with nipples. Your full bust measurement includes your breasts rather than just their circumference from nipple tip to nipple tip (which is called an "inch" by some). Keeping these things in mind will help us determining how to customize it your bralette.

cup size


Step three: Determine how much difference is between your torso(underbust) and the fullest part of bust(cups)

This can now be used to determine what type of breast shape/size you require! Full breasts with a lot more tissue than average around the nipple area, making them larger than the rest of their body, fuller in front but rounder at back - this happens when someone has a side-supportive bra fitting that needs to go up higher towards armpit level for support, and rounder in shape with a fuller tummy area, making the breast tissue less prominent.

If you have full breasts, subtract the difference between your underbust measurement (band) and your fullest part of bust size (cup) from this number, for example, 92 cm- 81 cm =11 cm / 40 inches-44 inches = -14. 14 divided by two equals approximately seven, which is your cup size. If you wear an A-B or B/C bra, try going up one band size and down one cup size; if you wear a C/D or D/DD bra, go down one band size and up one cup size, and so on.

For example, if you measured yourself and you obtained an 82.5 cm for band size and 90 cm for bust size, your size will be 80A.


How to measure bra size with measuring tape in cm from the comfort of your home?

 Measuring your bra size from the comfort of home is a great place to start. Bra size is just that: a first step towards freedom. You wear a different size in every pair of jeans, right? The same goes for bras! Determining bra size is as much an art as it is a science. 

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