Kit Kat club Berlin. What to wear and when to go?

Kit Kat club Berlin. What to wear and when to go?

If you're looking for a place where your wildest fantasies can come true, look no further than KitKatClub Berlin.

KitKatclub is one of the most renowned and popular clubs in Europe, and it's not just because of their great atmosphere or awesome music—it's because they allow guests to express themselves in ways that other clubs simply won't.

When you say Berlin you say  Kitkat, sex-possitive,sexual openess, fetish parties and interesting people.If you’re looking for a party where anything goes, look no further. Many things are allowed or encouraged here that are not allowed elsewhere.

When to show up to KitKat?

There are two ways to get into the KitKatClub Berlin: early or late. If you want to show up at 11, you should know that the line can already be long; on the other hand, your entry should be faster if you are wearing a naughty outfit.

If you want to avoid standing in line at all costs, then it's best to come late—around 4 or 5 pm. Just make sure you don't forget anything important. Be advised that your bag and phone must remain at the entrance at the garderobe. So take in consideration to have a small purse/fanny bag with you.

It's not uncommon for guests at KitKatClub Berlin to wear fetish clothes or even go completely naked—and if you do, it'll be okay! The bouncers are incredibly friendly and accepting, so don't worry about being turned away at the door if you're wearing something that doesn't quite fit into their dress code yet. Since you change inside you can always take a picture of your outfit home on your phone that you can show at the door if they seem skeptical or ask what you are wearing. Wearing latex or a leather body harness should definitely cut it.

Good to know that are great parties from Monday to Sunday. The hardest door is on Saturdays.If you just want to dip your toes in the water, come to Electric Monday, where you can wear whatever you want as long as you bring good vibes.The legendary „Carneball Bizarre“ and its afterhour, which made the club world famous in 1994, continue to keep Saturday night and Sunday, while Friday programming is usually organized more for a homosexual or metrosexual audience.


Dress code

If there is a dress code, it is here. Fetish clothes or self-confident party guests are particularly welcome. For most events, however, there are even fixed dress codes. The bouncers are also very strict in this respect. Anyone who shows up without the announced dress code will be turned away immediately.

Wearing a harness lingerie set : a sexy harness bh, with or without lingerie can do the trick.You should definitely wear leather or rubber at least.
Topless is a good idea, but not required.
I would also advise against bringing a big bag that has to be searched by the bouncers.

I personally always go to Kitty in leather lingerie: a mesh bra and black undies. Sometimes i combine it with a entire playsuit, sometimes with stockings.I accessorize my outfit with a naughty choker and a short skirt and I just take my shirt off, show them my outfit and that's it.

Examples of what to wear on kitkat club are the pictures below.

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