Lingerie online shop Amoreze Berlin, who uses your precise body measurements and personal style to make custom made or tailor made Bralettes, harnesses and other lingerie for your body and your body alone, is going to save us ladies from the current environment of bad bra sizes.


What do I mean, exactly? Well, across the world, nearly 80% of women don’t know their actual breast sizes, let alone bra sizes, and haven’t gone to a proper bra fitting in years. “Flopping around” or feeling too constricted is often due to a lack of bra size calculators, especially when us women search for a bra online (and don’t know how to measure bra sizes by ourselves). Just look down, right now. Are your “girls” looking as good as they could? Probably not.


Because of our lack of understanding in the women bra department, we look foolish, our support bras and push up bras lending no real support, and our best lingerie unable to give us that dose of sexy confidence, normally offered with sexy accessories. In this new age of body positivity, we need bra size calculators and bra size charts for our lingerie online shopping and lingerie shops more than ever. We can’t afford for our breast sizes to be incorrect. And what’s more: as sexy, confident women, we don’t have time for it. On the hunt for sensual harnesses and bralettes, super push up bras, balconette bras, good bra brands, other various bra types, top-tier lingerie boutiques, support bras, or just the best lingerie possible, it’s time to regroup. And Amoreze can help, with the Amoreze Made to measure bra size calculator and bra size chart, which takes your every “unique” curve into account.


Unfortunately, as women, we “assumed” the number of our bra size a long time ago, negating any use for a proper bra fitting, and simply purchasing countless push up bras and other women’s lingerie, all with inappropriate bra cup sizes. Our thought of: “Who needs a bra size calculator?” when we already know how to measure our bra size, by ourselves, ultimately made us look sloppy, and not sexy at all. But Amoreze can fix this, with its online lingerie mastery, which beats out countless other lingerie sites with its intense understanding of the female form.


Perhaps we need a big bra, and opted for DD, just because that’s what we “knew” from the magazines—but we actually need something a bit more form fitting. At the time, looking for a bra online, we perused the bra size chart, and “guessed” based on the fact that we’d either gained or lost a few pounds recently. Fun and sensual Bralettes or Harnesses that would liven up your internal, sexual energy seemed besides the point, given that your breasts couldn’t feel comfortable in even the most adorable, super push up bra.


As Amoreze learns your bra measurements, using the  Made to measure, Amoreze can deliver top-tier lingerie, from its lingerie shop or lingerie online shop, and make you feel like that confident, sexual woman once more: the one you so crave to be.


Using Amoreze Made to measure bra size calculator and bra size chart, we can rein in our ta-tas by finding our true bra sizes, whether we require big bras, plus size bras, a bra push up, half cup bras, a super push up bra, or a sexier bustier bra.


Don’t be one of the 80% of women who don’t know their bra measurements. As a confident, sensual woman, you don’t have time for bad online lingerie. Seek the bra measurement skills of Amoreze. And never flop around again

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