Solidarity with Ukraine: How you can help refugees coming to Romania & where to donate

Solidarity with Ukraine: How you can help refugees coming to Romania & where to donate

February of 2022 has been marked by a horror no one believed possible after World War II.
In light of the recent events in Ukraine, and as a company whose heart beats in East Europe, Romania I want to take a moment from your usual newsletter to say that I cannot stand idle.
I am coming from Romania, an ex-soviet country who has seen a lots of conflicts and who has been invaded by many colonialists empires. The past few days i must say that made me so proud of my country and the humanity , support and care around me, shown by all of us.

I am so very proud to be Romanian right now and so happy to read & hear of the great support my people and my country are offering to anyone who is crossing the border from Ukraine. Some of my close friends have offered their apartments to families in need and many other Romanian families from all parts of the country are opening their doors with food, beds and everything needed. There is help at the boarders and already waiting with everything needed. So many help groups have been created and contact numbers also shared for help to pick up people who probably have been traveling for few days now.
I can only pray for  Ukraine and hope for the best possible outcome!
Well done Romania! We have wonderful people!
Solidarity with Ukraine: How you can help refugees coming to Romania & where to donate

As more Ukrainian citizens flee their country to escape the war, solidarity is also growing. Local businesses, NGOs, and individuals have mobilized to help those seeking refuge in Romania. I’ve put together a list of websites or social media groups gathering all sorts of initiatives aimed at helping citizens of Ukraine, as well as places where you can donate to help refugees and those who remained home to defend their country.

Romanian authorities announced that by March 1, 89,000 Ukrainians had entered the country.

Fundatia Jeni Mandachi- The association "Jeni Mandachi Humanitarian Foundation" aims to help people and animals in distress. Since its inception until June 2021, the association has used all the amounts received as a donation exclusively to support serious cases, without consuming a single cent of the donor's money for the payment of staff or for marketing. - this platform developed by young cybersecurity researcher Alexandru Panait gathers various initiatives aimed at helping Ukrainian citizens arriving in Romania. Many resources from various areas are mapped on this website, from shelter to food, transport, medicines, child care, pet care, translation, or other services. The platform is available in English, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, and Slovak, offering valuable information for both beneficiaries and people who can provide help.

The Romanian Government also launched a platform aimed at streamlining the help offered by individuals, NGOs, and companies. Those who can help can fill out the form here (you have to share personal information such as your name or phone number, plus the type of help you can offer - accommodation, essential goods, food, or transport - and the location). The same platform, named Ukraine - Together we help more, also offers valuable information for the refugees, such as the documents required to enter Romania, steps to obtain asylum here, or medical services.

Code for Romania also launched a platform that offers relevant information for Ukrainian citizens seeking protection in Romania. The website is named 

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