The Amoreze experience

The Amoreze experience

This is Ruth`s story, you can read the german version here,  why she tried a made to measure Bralette, created especially for her.

"Buying underwear. I have already told you here about my dilemma of not finding pretty, nicely fitting bras. On Instagram, I stumbled across the Berlin Lingerie Atelier AMOREZE and was delighted by the beautiful underwear they offer. Lingerie that promotes sensuality and  empowerment and is specialized in beautifully bra-ing up small to medium breasts sizes.

The special thing about Amoreze: everything is made to measure! With your precise measurements, a new bralette will be tailored to fit your breasts. "A bra should embrace you and not limit you," says Anca, the founder of Amoreze. Not only the measurements, but also the width of the straps and bands, the size of cup, or half cup, how much of the breast is covered and the pattern and color of the lace - everything is individually customized. And because they are tailored to fit, they provide support without the use of wires.

Those who already know their measurements can order online, otherwise you can book an appointment with Anca to take your measurements in her Berlin atelier.

 Life is too short for ill-fitting underwear.

 Anca Barsan comes from Romania and studied engineering and fashion design. A combination that perhaps explains her passion for the technical construction of the underwear combined with the love for details. In July,

the label of Amoreze will be celebrating its first birthday.

„The idea of starting a lingerie brand came as a personal problem that I was having. I consider  myself a lingerie consumer, as I have more than 20 bras in my closet. The sizes were always  different, sometimes 70A, in other cases 80C. The difference of size was so big, but I was never

finding my true size.“

This is the case for most women. Over 80% of women don’t know their proper bra size. This is due to inadequate size guides and the standardization of sizes in general. But most of the time our breasts don’t fit into standard sizes, often both breasts are not even the same shape. In the case of Amoreze, the measurements aren’t limited to cup size. The different in each breast, the distance between the nipples and from nipple to clavicle is also taken into account.

„So what I decided next, for me, was a life changer. I measured myself, put down the numbers,went shopping for fabrics and by the end of that day I was having the first bralette. Because I had the liberty of choosing, I decided how to create it, how to cut the patterns taking into consideration the most problematic fact: the wire. So the result was a piece of lingerie, created for me, following closely all my needs: support and comfort, wireless, but keeping that sex-appeal that lingerie craves for.“

Empowerment with Lingerie

 When I visited Anca in her studio and described my "problem", she smiled and said, "You came to the right place! With the individual design of the cups, we can also create the illusion of a fuller cleavage."

Anca wants to empower woman with her lingerie. She is of the opinion that ill-fitting bras contribute not only to a poor posture but also to lack of self-awareness. Too small, too big, too flat, not round enough, all these beauty ideals upset her, Anca says. For her shape and size do not matter,

Amoreze embraces every curve.

„Everything around us promises perfection. Often we find ourselves pulled like a magnet for these (beauty) ideals that are not ours. Therefore, I have the courage to propose to every woman to discover her own beauty, to embrace its imperfection and enjoy this genuine and original beauty and not the manufactured one. In a world full of “corsets”, I propose freedom of movement, speech and expression, naturalness of beauty and its original forms.“

 Delicate to edgy

 Next to the delicate bralettes, Amoreze also has harnesses. These are leather bands that are artfully strapped around the body - for the more sexy-kinky look. The straps and collars are made of leftover pieces from the leather industry. Anca not only produces locally in Berlin she also opts for sustainable materials and goes for zero waste whenever possible. Good for the body and for the environment.

 The fitting – like second skin

 After the designer wrote down my measurements and individual design wishes, I waited about a week for it to be produced. I chose the bestselling models Alexander and Amélie. The delicate lingerie is delivered in a pretty box and there is also a handwritten note. It is adorable. What can I say -

the made to measure bralette fits like a second skin, it feels like my bra is hugging me. The workmanship is high quality, the flowery lace is soft on the skin and the cup shape forms a natural and feminine cleavage. I am very happy, no adjustments required. I highly recommend this investment because you know you want it. ;)

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