The designer behind the Amoreze concept

The designer behind the Amoreze concept

This time we talk about bras, about women feeling good in their body, about sensuality, all with the help of Anca and her newly founded business. Believe it or not, she can build a custom-made bra for each women, based only on a 5-minute survey! What’s all about, how did she come up with this idea and what’s so unique with her approach, in our dialogue below.

Why Berlin and not any other place on Earth?

First I would say, in terms of start-ups, Berlin is the place to be. It is the fastest growing startups ecosystem in the world, with startups like Sound Cloud and Zalando who in this moment are leaders in their sectors in Germany. The economy is stable, the city is developing every day. There are more and more investors coming to Berlin than in no other place.

Another criteria was lifestyle: Berlin has one of the world’s most incredible music + nightlife scenes, if not the best. Eating out is ridiculously affordable and somewhat of a tradition for catching up with friends and colleagues. Cost of living is highly accessible - you can afford eating outside every day, there are barbeques in parks, there is a lot of freedom. You can be poor and still have tons of fun things to do.

For me, Berlin is the cultural capital of the world. The city hosts some great international events, the city culture is full with openness, creativity and transformation. Berlin is exciting and diverse and it offers something for everyone.


And this perfect environment helped you come up with the Amoreze idea... How did you think of that? It's not like you had any previous business experience in the lingerie industry...


The idea came up while shopping, when I realized that the same problem I was facing, other women were having too. They were stuck in the fitting room with more bras they could handle, asking for more models, different sizes, only to discover in the end that not even one of them was “the perfect fit“ or close to what they were looking for. It was either sexy but super uncomfortable or worse: comfortable but grandma style. After several washes, the elasticity being lost, they were becoming slightly more comfortable but highly aesthetical.

The more I studied this problem, the more insights I was gathering, only to realize that buying the wrong bra can seriously alter your health. The problem was bigger that I could anticipate: 80% women don't neither know nor wear the correct bra size!

That was the moment when I realized that I could create the perfect piece of lingerie: a bra to be healthy, comfortable, wireless but also sexy and sensual. But how to do it when we, women, are so different?!

The answer came by itself: I will create a bra for each particular woman!

By the end of that day I had created my first bralette, handcrafted by me, for me, following closely all measurements and shapes of my body. It was life changing!


It seems you have found a perfect problem to solve…


I cannot stress this enough - the issues related to a bad fitted bra can have long-term effects on our health! So my main purpose is to keep the well-being sensation, healthy mind and body attitude, by unveiling the specific sensuality of each female.


Truth be told, your USP is absolutely amazing: a customized bra, based on a survey only! Was it difficult to change mentalities and make the first sell?

Together with a professional tailor I developed the MADE TO MEASURE quiz designing bras with women — and only women — in mind. Instead of using standard industry measurements, I developed half-cup sizes and unique bralette patterns, based on thousands of real women measurements. Every aspect of the Amoreze lingerie has been reinvented to maximize fit, comfort, and sexiness, as I believe the best bra is the one women tell me about.

What I discovered is that bras are still a tabu subject. Women complain about bras, but they never discuss with a specialist about it. What I wanted to change was to pass that awkward feeling when they are in the fitting room, just trying dozes bras. What I propose is to measure herself, in the comfort of her home, where she feels safe. The rest is on us. The whole process/quiz takes no more than 5 minutes, and once you place the order, we create the one-of-a kind piece that is cut, shaped and finished to flatter and fit to perfection.

The art of proper fitting lingerie is the expression of reality, of what we are offering: a handcrafted bra, to fit to perfection for each particular shape and dimension, for each female and not the other way around, as a tribute for our most beloved possession: breasts.

Yes, it is challenging to break buying patterns. What we discovered though is that once they bought something from us, they are coming back for the next purchase and they also encourage other people to place an order and give it a try.

Even though at a first look it would seem easier to go to a shop and try, try, try until you find your bra, we came with the proposal to save time. No more awkward fitting room moments, because what we offer is shaped by you, to be made for you.


Who is your ideal customer? Do men also buy from you? 


I target females all over the world who are not afraid to feel good in their skin: combining comfort with sensuality. My ideal customer is the one who wants to be comfortable, but in the same time to be sexy, attractive and yet unique.

We also have men who are buying from us. Most of them are buying for the women in their life, they know how important is for them to feel good in their bra, or the ones who are purchasing harnesses for them. The body harnesses are unisex and we encourage everyone to give it a try.


How did you shape your business and what’s your future development?

The initial investment was based only on personal savings; we are currently in discussions with several investors and ONGs. It seems that the concept is catchy, design is out of the ordinary and generates a genuine interest in the business. Therefore, I am open to new investors and opportunities.

Amoreze is resonating with consumers because they trust us. They trust us for fit and hence they are loyal to us. The future for us is to become no 1 lingerie brand in custom-made garments. To continue to change women's life by promoting a different type of bra, where comfort is king!


How many employees do you currently have?


At this moment we are a team of 3, but we are looking further to enlarge our team.


Does an entrepreneur in the fashion industry still have time for herself? How do you spend it in a city like Berlin?

For sure! I think that is the main, genuine reason why people choose to follow the entrepreneurial path, for the freedom that comes along with it. I also discovered that I am not corporate material and a lifestyle that is bound 9 to 5 is simply not for me. It is hard work, but with that effort comes the ability to shape your life how you see fit.

On my free time, I am travelling a lot. When I cannot do that I like hanging out with friends. We are organizing park grills, board games nights or just lounging on a terrace for hours. There is so much activity in this city that everyday something new can be done. I participate to all kinds of meet-ups, entrepreneur’s seminars and camps, or just meet friends who are visiting Berlin, being the guide for them.


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