The Harness – the accessory for the new Generation of Boss Ladies

The Harness – the accessory for the new Generation of Boss Ladies

When people hear the word „harness“ most likely they don't know how to classify it, and if they slightly do, they are thinking of bdsm, sex parties in shady clubs with sticky tables and weird hairy people with not much clothes on. Or of fifty shades of grey, where a person ends up trying new sexual practices, emotionally triggered by her lover, which is not at all what bdsm incarnates and offers.

Speaking about myself, I fell for the harness, while I was at a party in Berlin, seeing a woman wearing a harness on top of a vintage dress. She looked incredibly sensual, super strong, confident and unique.

And then I started searching for a harness similar to hers. But during that time is was not an easy task. Most of the harnesses that I could find were still designed very close to their original backgrounds which is the bsdm scene for sure, keeping the functional aspects and were very thick and padded, but not sensual for my taste.

This is how I ended up with Amoreze. We are designing leather accessoiries that are not connected to the fetish scene in the sense to hang somebody on our harnesses – since they are made out of super soft calf leather and would probably rip. We are not assuming ourselves as fetish, we're fashion. And whoever loves our designs, represents our designs.

Our harnesses have been created with another aspect in mind: to make you feel even more beautiful. To remind you of your beauty, when you cannot feel it. To help you feel strong, while you're struggling, or when you're going out for a date, or you're facing a challenging task for a job, university or life in general.

I cannot tell you what exactly the magic behind it actually is, but a harness kind of inhabits a catalyst that will tickle out the self-love of every woman, when she's looking at herself in the mirror while she's wearing one.

This is what I could happily perceive on every girl that entered my flat and ended up wearing one of my harnesses.

In times where I lived in a shared flat different people started coming around and you'll find yourself meeting strangers on a very personal level in your own four walls. Its a very beautiful experience, every time. And you know, everyone has insecurities. We from Amoreze love the idea of lifting each other up and to listen deeply to the person standing next to you and help them to see the beauty that is slumbering inside of them.

So some girls relationships ended out of the blue and they were slightly hanging in the air, while we were speaking about party plans for todays evening and I love it, when we're all dressing up together sharing clothes and I'm always like „Hey come on, try this on, tell me what you think“ and when they see themselves in the mirror the latest, they smile big time. Not even one spark of sadness. For sure, a harness is not a cure for a heartbreak, but falling in love with yourself definetly is.

I saw young women who never thought of themselves as hot mamacitas finding out about their cheeky, sensual site and no longer date, work and make plans under their value. Because they finally understood how precious they are.

We are making fashion for you. For your own size, not a stereotypical one. YOU don't have to change in order to FIT into clothes, the clothes have to change FOR YOU. And thinking big this means – its not you who should change, to fit better into a world that keeps on criticizing you. Make the fucking world change!  

written with love,


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