How does Amoreze empower women?

For us is not about the bra, is about the art of proper fitting that will make women feel great, comfortable, unique and most important: EMPOWERED!A true woman who knows how to unleash that inner goddess understands that the first step is by beginning with the right foundation garments: lingerie.Feeling good in your lingerie is imperative, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek of you in it or not. HOW?We created a synergy between fashion, comfort and feel good attitude!

The secret sauce?

We care! And we pay attention to every woman in particular, to each body! We do not create mass production, series or wire bras! We know that,when you are on your best the people will naturally gravitate around you. Confidence in what you are wearing not only makes you feel good but it attracts people who appreciate those qualities



What does sustainability mean to AMOREZE?

As a new born lingerie brand we had the liberty to make the best decisions regarding the direction and milestones we set to achieve. Amoreze’s aim to get 100% sustainable in the next 2 to 3 years: to create a positive human impact on the environment but keeping in mind the social responsibility.

So far we are sending all the invoices online, we use upcycled and recycled fabrics and leather, leftovers from big leather industries that normally are being thrown out. At this moment we are in discussions with pinaTEX and bamboo cotton: organic cotton to use alternative and natural fibers. This summer we travelled to Bucovina (a region in Romania) to find small manufacturers for flax fabric and wool and in the near future we will launch a line, with Romanian folklore and traditional patterns, manufactured and produced there to support and promote local craftsmanship and traditions.

All the garments are created only after we receive the order, so no mass production, no leftovers or stock is being created, we are keeping all the supply chain fully optimized. For shipping we are using DHL GOgreen to help reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts in the transportation and storage of goods.
This becomes an advantage to our customers, as we choose to produce quality over quantity, we choose the best fabrics for your comfort and well-being, we are a brand with values that we wish to share with the world. And you, our dear customer can help us spread the word.

A major initiative of Amoreze is to eliminate or decrease the environmental harm caused by the production and consumption of their goods. As you know, we focus on creating only made to measure items, meaning that we buy just the right amount of fabric,only after we receive the order we will cut the materials to create the items. On the long term, our concept fixes the issues reagrding the life cycle costs, energy use, by not creating mass production, having no costs for storage, as we do not have stocks and 0 disposals.

Amoreze is working with social entreprenours and other start-up companies to develop,fund and implement splutions to social,cultural and environmental issues.

Everyone affects the sustainability of the marketplace and the planet in some way. Sustainable development with Amoreze can create value for customers, investors, and the environment. A sustainable business must meet customer needs while, at the same time, treating the environment well.In order to be successful in such an approach, where stakeholder balancing and joint solutions is key, a structural approach is needed.A belief that Amoreze is currently follows. If this sounds good for you, feel free to join us in our mission! Contact us and let us know if you would like to make an impact together with us.

What materials do you use?

Lace, silk, cotton and leather (leftovers from other productions) until this moment. In the near future we will launch a line made exclusively out of organic cotton and flax.


What Amoreze means?

Amoreze comes from the old latin word Amore, which means love. It is a feminine sign and a word which denotes a sensual body experience, femininity, freedom and adaptability to change. The name Amoreze reflects the personality of the wearer: happy, positive and full of self-love. In a society that promotes false idols, broken beauty ideals, a society that profits from self-doubt, liking and accepting yourself is considered an act of rebellion. This is a challenge that Amoreze is willing to take: to make you love and accept yourself, with all the little imperfections that make you unique and YOU.

We know that lingerie plays a big role in women’s lives: undies you can buy from anywhere, but bras: these are unique, they are like this super power layer that has the ability to completely transform you. If you are feeling good on the inside, it can be seen on the outside.
Amoreze is a niche brand, it is not for everyone, as we refuse to stand in line: no mass production, no metal wires and no push-up effect. Amoreze addresses women who trust and love themselves, who believe their natural beauty deserves to be seen—stretch marks, body hair, cellulite, scars and all! Amoreze embraces them. It is those things that make a woman beautiful to us: we want you to love and accept yourself as much as we do!





Thank you and have a lovely day...