How to take care of Amoreze leather harness?

Care and Maintenance for Your Harness

Leather care is easy! We promise leather is incredibly resilient, and regular weather won’t hurt it. If you think your item looks dirty, dry, or just need a little extra love, pouring a little leather conditioner on a cloth, and rubbing it in like lotion will usually do the trick.

Leather is a natural material that requires moisture to remain supple.We recommend showing some love to your harness every 8-10 wears.

Step 1:Polish with a good quality leather conditioner using a cloth and your hands.

Step 2:For brass/silver metal accessories: rings,buckles and rivets, nevr-dull is wonderful. In case you don`t want to buy this, we recommend using a nail file block, the grey part ONLY(the sandy part) by rubbing softly the items.

Step 3.Now you can wipe off the last layers and excess you put on the buckles and leather and store your harness until ready for use.Hanging it up is really the best method of storage!

IMPORTANT: Beige color and patent leather do not use a heavy leather conditioner. For cleaning the metal accessories, we recommend the nail file block.

Prevent contact with water.

Do not use a washing machine to clean your harness.