Slow fashion movement

Who made my clothes? How was it made? What is it made of?


All our pieces are handcrafted and made to order in our atelier in Berlin, there is no mass production or ready-made lingerie from the pole. We use lace,  silk, cotton and leather when crafting your special custom made item.


The goal is to make Amoreze 100% sustainable over the next two to three years. Environmental awareness and social responsibility are important milestones for us.


 Amoreze is a Slow-Fashion start-up brand: fancy, sexy, stylish and lasting, is the decisions that we are already meeting. More and more people are starting to be aware of what and from whom/where they are buying things from and a movement towards eco-fashion and slow fashion is being made. Unlike fast fashion, slow fashion production ensures quality manufacturing to lengthen the life of the product. Slow fashion may be considered a revolt or action against the fast fashion movement. Developing a garment with a cultural and emotional connection is also pertinent to the purpose behind slow fashion: consumers will keep an article of clothing longer than one season if they feel emotionally or culturally connected to the article of clothing. Who can understand this will support this movement/trend.
So, from Amoreze point of view slow fashion has everything we need: it’s edgy, sexy and stylish and most importantly sustainable.


Anca, our designer starts from scratch, while designing your lingerie items. The process lasts for at least 3 hours in which she begins by cutting the fabric, into the trademark Amoreze patterns, using the half cup measurements. Then the cups are sewn together and the straps are attached. One more round of measurements, fitting and pattern checking. The support band is cut accordingly to your specific measures. All the pieces are put and sown together. The closure part: in hook and eye closures, there are typically two sets of closures; this provides the wearer with the ability to make minute adjustments in band size as needed, such as when a band loses elasticity or the wearer's rib cage loses or gains volume. More support comes with more hook and eye closures per se. After finishing the creation process your bra/harness is verified for quality purposes. If it is a go, the item will be packed and delivered to your destination. 

PS: check also our Facebook and Google testimonials. Read our interview about green,eco-fashion here. We worship quality over quantity.