The story of Amoreze lingerie

I`ve spent most of my life in Romania, adult life in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

I went to university to study Environmental Engineering but received little encouragement. I felt that Romania is neither prepared nor interested in keeping up with Green policies, alternative energy’s  so  after I graduated I took work in other fields for money and a practical future, without really enjoying what I was doing.

Then in 2015 a trip to Brazil changed my perspective. Right away I was fascinated by the women I saw during that vacation. Despite their struggle, they were all shinning like starts- with dignity, strength and beauty. That was the click for me. After I returned home I have decided that I want my work to have more purpose and to try to bring an impact in this world. After taking my diploma as a Fashion designer I found the strength to break my comfort zone, quit my job and moved to Berlin.

Germany has shown me another face on how a woman should be. What I have learned is that they value much more comfort over fashion, they take great care about their body by choosing natural fibers and most of them are conscious buyers. That led me to start Amoreze lingerie, my small, personal project, founded with small savings. Then the project became popular on social media as I was proposing a healthy yet comfortable alternative of the traditional wire/push up bra and I was even more motivated to send a strong message about how beauty should look.

If you put “beautiful woman ”into Google, you’ll see images of seductive women, most often over-dressed, full of make-up and with a deep push-up cleavage. For me beauty is about being yourself, natural and authentic, about letting people see what is inside of you. Today it is not always easy to do that because there is so much pressure on women to look and behave in a certain way. That is why all the lingerie that I create is wire-free, I encourage keeping things natural, no fake push up effect.

 I have developed half cups: as most of women are falling between size and all the items are made to order, keeping the sustainable aspect: no extra stock, minimal waste. I am conciliating, measuring and only after I am creating the bralette. Our motto is: Empowering women through lingerie-the most comfortable bralette you will ever posses.  In the end ,each woman should be free to decide how to present herself, and to explore her own beauty without felling pressure from the outside world. But for that you have to give her tools, not rules.


The benefits of wearing an Amoreze bralette:

Your health is our concern: no-wire means cage free

Comfort is key: your breasts can rest with natural support. It is time to give them a break

Created and handcrafted in Berlin using sustainable materials

Bespoke items: we can create it especially for your body shape

At least  38% of women are falling between sizes. That is why we create half cups: A1/2, B1/2..