With love from Amoreze

Hey there gorgeous,

Thank you for making a conscious purchase and putting your trust in us.

This piece of garment was created with love and care in our little magical atelier in Berlin. Handcrafted made to order for you, to compliment and accentuate the curves and uniqueness of your body. It is our goal that you are always comfortable in your daily lingerie and leather goods.

As mentioned above this item is created custom made so after trying it/fitting please:

  • for leather harnesses :please cut the leather excess band from the back, using a scissor. Leave 10 cm extra for a better fitting.
  • every 8-10 wears show some love to your item by cleaning it
  • the items should be stored hanging to preserve the form
  • don`t use a washing machine for cleaning

So please let let us know if your buying experience was excellent and feel free to rate our business and as a thank you we offer you 10 eur discount for your next order. The discount code will be sent to your email address.