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Boobies t-shirt hand painted

Boobies t-shirt hand painted

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Our iconic boobies shirts are more than just a fashion statement - they're a symbol of rebellion against the social media censorship of women's bodies. The idea for the Boobies design was born out of frustration when social media would delete or censor my posts featuring women in lingerie, even if there were no nipples or breasts visible. So, I took matters into my own hands and hand-painted two small, perky lines and two dots on a plain white tee, creating the TITS pencil stroke.

Years later, that imaginary pencil stroke turned into steamy embroidery on a very real boobies T-shirt, becoming a staple in countless, kick-ass mirror selfies that aren't censored. Our TITS shirts are made for everyone, regardless of gender or style preference. Whether you prefer a more feminine, masculine, or non-binary look, our TITS shirts, piercing shirts, and special edition shirts all enjoy the same relaxed fit.

All the tshirts are hand painted using acrylic paint. You can choose any color for the brush lines.If you wish another color than black please write us in the notes section, before placing the order

We recommed a looser fit.

So whether you're looking for a statement tee or a cute top, our breast/boobies shirts, piercing shirts, and special edition shirts are made with love and care for both people and the planet.

Created from 100% cotton.

Size guide

  S M L XL 2XL
A) Length (cm) 64 67 69 71 72
B) Half Chest (cm) 41 43 47 50 56

Care instructions

Wash Machine, warm, inside out, similar colors
Tumble Dry Low
Bleach Only non-chlorine
Dry Clean Do not dry clean
Iron Do not iron

Commitment to Sustainability

Indulge in the bespoke luxury of our leather lingerie, a testament to sustainability and style. Each piece, crafted from premium leftover leather, tells a story of elegance and responsibility. The traditional tanning process, blending natural and time-honored methods, ensures durability and beauty, while our commitment to reusing high-quality materials showcases our dedication to the environment. Experience lingerie that's not just made for you but also stands by the planet.

At Atelier Amoreze, we intertwine the art of lingerie with the essence of sustainability, ensuring that every piece tells not just your story but also the story of conscious craftsmanship. We understand that luxury and responsibility can coexist, and here's how we make it happen:

Mindful Material Sourcing: Our leather lingerie breathes new life into high-quality leather leftovers from major brands, turning potential waste into your bespoke pieces. By repurposing what's already there, we contribute to a circular economy, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Our metal accessories, primarily sourced from Germany, complement our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: We cherish every opportunity to connect with our clients. Inviting you to our atelier not only personalizes your experience but also cuts down on shipping emissions. For those afar, we offer 'green shipping' options, ensuring that even our delivery process aligns with our green philosophy.

Waste Not, Want Not: Embracing a made-to-order model, we ensure that every piece of lace lingerie and every customized t-shirt is crafted with purpose and precision, tailored to your unique preferences. This approach allows us to significantly reduce pre-consumer waste, ensuring that we only create what is truly desired.

In-House Craftsmanship: Atelier Amoreze is more than a brand; it's a personal workshop where each item is handcrafted with care and expertise. By keeping production in-house, we maintain transparency, uphold quality, and ensure ethical practices every step of the way.

Your Role in Our Journey: We invite you to join us in this sustainable journey. By choosing Atelier Amoreze, you're not just selecting a piece of lingerie; you're endorsing a movement of mindful, ethical fashion. Together, we can make a difference, one stitch at a time.

Production Transparency

Our doors are open. At Atelier Amoreze, transparency is woven into the very fabric of our business. Each piece is handcrafted in our atelier, ensuring ethical practices, premium quality, and personal touch in every seam. We take pride in our process, and we invite you to be a part of our story, one that champions meticulous craftsmanship and sustainable fashion.

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